I’m a huge fan of Belgian beers. So, when my friend invited me to her Belgian wedding, it was the perfect opportunity to extend the trip with a beer tour! We toured 3 breweries (Cantillon, St. Bernardus, Delirium) and went to many amazing bars in Brussels, Watou, Bruges, Ghent, and Amsterdam. Some of these beers are not new for me and some were consumed due to the lack of better options. In general, I confirmed my love of fruit lambics, Flemish reds, and triples. My personal rating system is as follows:

♥♥ = loved it
♥ = liked it and would drink again
No heart = would prefer not to drink again

And so the list of 100 beers enjoyed by 2 people over 15 days…


The first beer was a humble reminder of the types of beers we get in the US. The second was mandatory when having a layover in Dublin.

1. Blue Moon (@ SFO Airport)
2. Guinness (@ Dublin Airport)


The Beer Tour

     1. Texels Dubbel
     2. Texels witbier
♥♥ 3. Liefmans Fruitbier
     4. Gouverneur Triple
     5. Venloosch Alt
♥♥ 6. Lupulus Triple
- Brasserie les 3 fourquets
♥♥ 7. La Chouffe
- Brasserie D’Achouffe
  ♥ 8. Brouwerij De Prael Barley Wine
     9. Dubbel + Dik
- Brouwerij de 7 deugden
     10. Ruw + Bolster
- Brouwerij de 7 deugden
♥♥ 11. Tripel Karmeliet
♥♥ 12. Westmalle Tripel
♥♥ 13. Keizer Karel Charles Quint Blonde
  ♥ 14. Hopus
  ♥ 15. Kasteel Tripel
♥♥ 16. Corsendonk Agnus
  ♥ 17. Corsendonk Blonde
  ♥ 18. Corsendonk Pater
     19. Tempelier
♥♥ 20. Lindemans Kriek
  ♥ 21. Westmalle Dubbel
  ♥ 22. Gueuze Tilquin
♥♥ 23. Grisette Fruits Des Bois
- St. Feuillien
     24. Moeder Fucker VIII
  ♥ 25. Kriek De Ranke
  ♥ 26. Adelardus Triple
- Kerkom
  ♥ 27. Belle
-Vue Kriek
  ♥ 28. Mort Subite X
-Treme Peche
     29. Cantillon Lambic (not pictured)
  ♥ 30. Cantillon Rose Gambrines
  ♥ 31. Cantillon Gueuze
  ♥ 32. Cantillon Kriek
  ♥ 33. Achel Trappist Bruin
  ♥ 34. Zundert
  ♥ 35. Floris Wit
♥♥ 36. Pink Killer
- Brasserie de Silly
  ♥ 37. Bersalis Triple
♥♥ 38. Belgoo Arboo
     39. Origame Pierre a L’edifice
♥♥ 40. Mort Subite X
-Treme Kriek
  ♥ 41. Lamoral Tripel degmont
  ♥ 42. Mort Subite Frambroise
♥♥ 43. Timmermans Zachte Lambic Doux
  ♥ 44. Grimbergen Triple
♥♥ 45. Timmermans Lambicus Blanche
♥♥ 46. Bourgogne des Flanders
  ♥ 47. Waterloo Strong Dark
     48. La Bella Mere
♥♥ 49. St. Bernardus Triple
♥♥ 50. St. Bernardus Abt 12
  ♥ 51. Westvleteren 8
♥♥ 52. Westvleteren 12
  ♥ 53. Westvleteren Blond
  ♥ 54. Kazematten Sante Grotten
  ♥ 55. St. Bernardus Wit
  ♥ 56. Watou Trippel
  ♥ 57. Gordon Scotch
  ♥ 58. Kasteel Blonde
  ♥ 59. Straffe Hendrik Blonde
     60. Jupiler
♥♥ 61. Arend Tripel
- De Ryck
  ♥ 62. Prearis Quadrupel
- De Proefbrouwerij
  ♥ 63. Orval Oud (6+ months)
♥♥ 64. VanderGhinste
- Bocker
♥♥ 65. Liefmans Goudenband
  ♥ 66. Brugse Zot blond
  ♥ 67. Brugse Zot dubbel
♥♥ 68. Cambrivinus huisbier (house special)
♥♥ 69. Blanche de Namur Wit
  ♥ 70. Paljas Saison
♥♥ 71. Liefmans Kriek
♥♥ 72. La Corne du Bois des Pendrus La Tripple
♥♥ 73. Blanche de Namur Rosee
  ♥ 74. Lindemans Pecheresse
     75. MeMe Blond
  ♥ 76. Kriek Boon
♥♥ 77. Mongozo Coconut
  ♥ 78. Waterloo Tripel
  ♥ 79. Saison de Silly
  ♥ 80. Dupont Biere de Miel
     81. Vedett IPA
  ♥ 82. Gentse Strop
  ♥ 83. Scheldebrouwerij Zeezuper Tripel
♥♥ 84. De Verboden Vrucht Le Fruit Defendu
  ♥ 85. Rodenbach
     86. Hoegaarden
     87. Augustijn Blond
  ♥ 88. Averbode
  ♥ 89. La Guillotine
  ♥ 90. Delirium Tremens
  ♥ 91. Campus
  ♥ 92. Delirium Nocturne
♥♥ 93. Delirium Red
♥♥ 94. Delirium Christmas
  ♥ 95. Floris Kriek
     96. Wieckse Wit
     97. Maes Pils
     98. Forestinne Ambrosia
  ♥ 99. St. Bernardus Prior 8
  ♥ 100. St. Bernardus Pater 6



1. Homebrew Dubbel for wedding
2. 1/4 Linderman’s Framboise, 3/4 Karmeliet Tripel
3. Ice Cream made with Westvleteren 8
4. Cocktail with Rodenbach, Campari, and Vermouth


My Favorites

Grisette Fruits Des Bois
- St. Feuillien
Pink Killer
- Brasserie de Silly
Liefmans Goudenband
Mongozo Coconut



Over the last year, I’ve been working on 3D printed jewelry projects to encourage scientists interact with the public and be more visible. I believe this will help change society’s perception of scientist.

I wrote an article in IEEE Computer Magazine about my own experiences with Biochemies, Science Couture Labs, and Science Hack Day to encourage other scientists to make art with their science.

Here’s a podcast interview about my article:

The article is currently free to download here (page 25-26).  Be sure to check out the other great articles and interviews too!


A few months ago, I participated in a week-long blood glucose study. We monitored blood glucose over the course of each day (especially before and after meals) with an off-the-shelf finger prick analysis device. Here are the results of 5 days superimposed by time of day:

Static Image

Day 5 was a Saturday where I evidently had later meals. On Day 3, I had a small salad for lunch, which can be seen to cause less of a blood sugar spike.

As an exercise, we consumed 100 g of sugar within 10 minutes and took readings every 10 minutes. First of all, 100 g of sugar within 10 min makes you pretty nauseous. I don’t recommend doing it for non-experimental reasons.

Static Image

I fasted after lunch and consumed the 100 g of sugar at 7pm. It took about 2.5 hours for my blood sugar levels to return to normal.

This whole experience has been interesting in many ways:

First of all, finger pricks individually don’t hurt that much, but compounded over a week, it becomes painful. I wasn’t afraid of the pricks the first day or so, but later in the week, I became more and more fearful and would tense up before each prick. I feel extremely sympathetic to diabetics who need to do this constantly. Hence, there is a huge need to develop continuous blood glucose monitors that have better user experience.

Second, I’ve known from my previous experiences that my blood sugar levels tend to run a bit high, but previously had only taken a few sporadic snapshot data points. This study has allowed me to see a lot more. I’m excited for the day we can get truly continuous information in a non-invasive way, such as with Google’s contact lens. Monitoring blood glucose and directly correlating it with food intake will be a powerful method to combat diabetes and obesity.

Lastly, I now understand a bit more about my normal blood glucose levels. I don’t believe it’s something I need to worry too much about yet, but this has motivated me to make smarter decisions around food choices, especially in decreasing carbohydrate intake. I had previously done a form a Paleo, but it was giving me other side effects (such as loss of muscle mass). Striking a balance between different nutrients to maximize energy levels throughout the day is key.

These plots were made with Plot.ly, which is pretty cool.

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